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Abdominoplasty - (Tummy Tuck)

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Pregnancy, weight loss, muscle separation, a stubborn bulge, or just gravity can all leave your tummy looking the worse for wear.  It may get to the point of interfering with simple daily activities and often makes fitting into flattering clothes progressively more difficult.  Sometimes scars from previous operations on your tummy may be contributing to the problem.

What causes tummy bulges?

The three most common factors leading to tummy bulges are excess fat, stretched skin, and muscle laxity or separation.  Weight loss and exercise can make a big difference to the excess fat, and muscle laxity, but skin excess and muscle separation are much less likely to improve with these measures.

What options are there?

Certainly weight loss and exercise are important in achieving a nice tummy, but all too often, persistent skin excess or muscle separation prevent all your best efforts from achieving a comfortable tummy shape.  The surgical options depend on an assessment of all of the above causes of tummy bulging, to see which factors are contributing to your problem.

Some of the procedures often used here include liposuction, removing skin excess, and tightening the muscles of the tummy wall.  Two or more of these techniques are often combined to achieve the best result

Are there limitations?

Abdominoplasty surgery should not be considered a substitute to weight loss, sensible eating and exercise.  Only fat which is outside the tummy muscles, just beneath the skin can be removed with liposuction.  No surgery can safely remove fat from behind the muscles inside your abdomen.  If this is a significant part of your problem, then even with liposuction and abdominoplasty, you can expect a less satisfying result if you do not address this internal fat with weight loss first. 

Some types of abdominal scarring can limit the options of abdominoplasty, while others can be removed in the process.  If you have scars on your tummy, it is important to discuss how these will affect your options.  Even with extensive scars however, there are still usually some options available to achieve a degree of improvement in your tummy.

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