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Fat Transfer

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Fat transfer, or "Lipogen" is a process whereby your own living fat cells can be transferred to fill a contour for either cosmetic enhancement, or contour reconstruction.  The process involves liposuction from an area of surplus, followed by washing the fat cells, then reinjecting them where needed.  Older techniques of fat transfer not involving washing the cells, tended to have a higher failure rate than the modern methods. 

Some of the situations where fat transfer may be useful include lip augmentation, facial contouring and some depressed scars.  This technique has also been used for breast augmentation, but it is not generally accepted for this purpose by Plastic Surgeons.  The major problem is the changes it can cause to your mammogram x-rays which may appear like breast cancer, which can cause difficulty with cancer screening.

These procedures can be done under local anaesthetic as a day procedure, or in hospital if necessary (eg. when combined with another procedure).  


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