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Gynaecomastia - Male Breasts

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Gynaecomastia is a surprisingly common condition in which men develop breast tissue.  It occurs for a short period in many teenage males, but usually resolves spontaneously.  The breast development may persist in some men, or develop later in life.  Most cases have no identifiable cause, although there are a few specific causes such as hormone imbalance, steroids and some other drugs.

What is involved?

Treatment of this embarrassing condition is usually very rewarding.  It may include liposuction, gland excision through a small incision around the nipple, or a combination of both.  The ideal treatment depends on the consistency of the breast tissue - whether it is more firm and glandular, or more soft and fatty.

The surgery usually takes about 1˝ - 2 hours, and is usually done under general anaesthesia.  It can be done as day surgery or with an overnight stay in hospital.  

After the surgery, it will usually be necessary to wear a pressure vest for 4-6 weeks, to minimize any swelling and bruising.

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